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Archbishop Paul Etienne

Rest In God – Enjoying & Caring For Creation

In these recent days, I have been taking time for rest and relaxation.  For months, people have been encouraging me to take advantage of all that Alaska has to offer, and that is what I am doing in these days. As you hopefully know, one of the great wonders of Alaska is the salmon.  Last week, at the generosity of several good folks, I flew to Illiamna for a few days of fishing for Red Salmon on the New Halen River. While the veterans among us generally caught their limits, I on the other hand […]

Congratulations To Bishop Elect Andrew Bellisario – And To The Diocese Of Juneau!

At Rome Noon Today, Pope Francis named Fr. Andrew Bellisario, CM, Bishop of Juneau.  Fr. Andrew is presently serving as the pastor of the Co-Cathedral in Anchorage, Our Lady of Guadalupe parish. Fr. Andrew is just completing his first year as pastor at the Co-Cathedral.  He is a wonderful priest and a great administrator.  Mostly, he is warm-hearted, and with his Vincentian missionary spirit, will be a fine new Bishop for Juneau. I have had the opportunity to watch Fr. Andrew in action on numerous mornings when I attend Our Lady of Guadalupe for weekday […]

Visit to Holy Family in Glennallen

This Sunday started early, with a 6:00 departure from home to make the 3 hour plus drive to Glennallen for a 10:00 Mass at Holy Family.  After a day of rain Saturday and last night, the early morning was quite fresh, clearing skies, but plenty of low clouds and patchy fog.  Everything was so green and clear.  The Alaska terrain still takes my breath away, while some parts of it are so exhilarating!  For instance, after the heavy rains yesterday, I drove along one river that came up next to the highway, and it was […]

Photo Tour Of Pallium Pilgrimage

With the Pallium pilgrims all now safely home, one final blog entry to share some memories of this grace-filled journey.  Anchorage is ten time zones from Rome, so you can only imagine the time it takes to travel home.  After an 11 hour and 30 minute flight from Rome to Dallas, then two hour flight from Dallas to Los Angeles, where we literally walked off that plane and on to the one that would carry us to Anchorage, another five hour flight got us into Anchorage shortly before Midnight last night. A good friend asked […]

Renewed In Faith For Mission; Pallium Pilgrimage Concluding

We are in the final hours of this Pallium Pilgrimage. From the very beginning it was clear that Our Lady and Our Lord had a divine hand in this visit to Rome.  We are blessed to celebrate three significant Solemenities or Feasts, including: Tuesday, the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help – at the Shrine of the original Icon; Thursday, the Solemnity of Saints Peter & Paul – at St. Peter’s Basilica, with the Successor of Peter, Pope Francis, Today, the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Feast day tomorrow, where miraculous image […]

Be A Servant Of Christ And His People

Pope Francis continues to inspire. As I walked across St. Peter’s Square today, I was stopped by some people. In a conversation with a gentleman who told me he is not Catholic, he said that it is his impression that Pope Francis is getting the attention of many more people than those who call themselves Catholic, and I would agree. During yesterday’s homily, the Holy Father continued to repeat a consistent message – we each must manifest Christ in our lives – in our actions – in our care for one another.  Those who claim […]

Solemnity of Saints Peter & Paul – Blessing of Palliums

Each day of this pilgrimage has been packed from early till late, leaving only precious sleeping hours for blogging – thus the site has been quiet since our arrival on Sunday, other than a brief word of gratitude Tuesday for 25 years of priestly life and ministry. I continue to be impressed with the tenacity and good disposition of all our pilgrims (Team Pallium.  We have had 90+ degree heat each day we have been here, and we have done a great deal of walking.  Today’s Mass was outside also, but we were blessed with […]

In Gratitude For 25 Years Of Priesthood

25 years ago today, Pope Francis was ordained a bishop.  25 years ago today, I was ordained a priest.  Not bad company to keep! This past year I was thinking it would be nice to come back to Italy to celebrate my 25th anniversary.  Then, in October, Pope Francis named me Archbishop of Anchorage, which meant that I would indeed return to Rome for a special ceremony with the Holy Father on June 29 to receive the Pallium.  God can always put together a better plan than any of us! As I begin this anniversary […]

Pallium Pilgrims Are Gathered

With the Pallium Pilgrimage Group coming from several parts of the US, we  finally came together in one group Sunday afternoon. Rome is a city with a population of 3.5 million people, and if you count all those living in the metropolitan area, it is around 5 million people!  Rome and the Vatican, with all of their churches and monuments is a living history of Western civilization. The first stop of our pilgrimage was Tre Fontane, (Three Fountains) the traditional site where it is believed that St. Paul was martyred.  The tradition holds that three fountains […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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